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Below are a few websites that I would recommend visiting:

Apraxia Kids is my "go-to" site for a wealth of information from the best of the best in the apraxia community. This site will provide everything from handouts for teachers, webinars to further your knowledge and a fairly comprehensive list of SLP's (speech pathologists) hopefully, in your area.

Apraxia Walk to find a walk for apraxia near you check out this page. Participating in the Apraxia Kids walk has provided me with such a wonderful community. The money raised is used to provide Ipads for children, speech therapy grants, financial aid for the annual conference as well as research.

STAR SPD Foundation The STAR Center was founded by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, author of the Out of Sync Child. Their website will provide a greater understanding of sensory processing, as well as red flags to watch for and treatment information.

IEP - Individual Education Plan Department of Educations website will explain what an IEP is, the steps to follow to set it up and proper protocol for both sides

IEP Example and explanation this is a wonderful article for parents and professionals. I highly recommend taking the time to read it. It is filled with detailed specifics and things to consider for accomidations and goals.

IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. "IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities."

Apraxia Momma Bear

Jacksonville Walk for Apraxia I am the walk coordinator for this walk! (so I must promote it) If you are in the South Georgia / North Florida area come join us November 16th, 2019.

Apraxia Kids Facebook a wonderful tool for families to connect! I highly recommend joining

STAR Center SPD Shares interesting articles regarding sensory processing treatment as well as current research. They are the top of the pack for Sensory Processing Disorder and located in Denver, Colorado

SLP Mommy of Apraxia One of my fellow Apraxia Momma's and the Denver, Colorado walk coordinator. She is a wonderful blogger who happens to also be an SLP and a parent of a child with apraxia.

Cari Ebert Seminars You guys I am kind of in love! This fierce SLP is walking the walk when it comes to apraxia AND SPD! Her methods are the exact kind that led my son to speak. Your SLP needs her webinars!

Apraxia Momma Bear

* Look for state and city specific Facebook apraxia support groups as well. There are far too many to list but they are key in building a community for you and your child. If you are in the North Florida or South Georgia please feel free to join our group Apraxia Kids Jax *

** Please remember there is a ton of bad information out there and people who are just out to make a buck unfortunately. Be cautious and diligent in your research. I am always happy to answer questions to the best of my ability. But read, read, read and always trust your gut. If something sounds like a quick fix or too good to be true, it probably is **

Apraxia Momma Bear

Apraxia Momma Bear
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